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Mid-sized minimalist two-story house exterior photo in Other

ventana house.

Nestled at the base of the Santa Catalina mountains adjacent to a protected peak, Ventana house is a window on the desert. The two-story dwelling rises from its mountainside setting like a geological outcropping, a rugged exterior shaped from within by openings that afford panoramic views. Like a geode, the light-filled and refined interior is a contrast and a surprise. The main living spaces of the home are located above the desert, connecting the home's inhabitants to a foreground of saguaro forest and the distant horizon.

Inspiration for a mid-sized modern staircase remodel in Other

The entry sequence into the home begins in the dramatic shade of protected overhang. Inside, visitors are welcomed by a sculptural stair that occupies a double-height skylit gallery where a footbridge passes overhead. Made of steel perforated panels, the footbridge filters light from above and offers glimpses of experiences to come.

Mid-sized minimalist staircase photo in Other
Inspiration for a mid-sized modern light wood floor dining room remodel in Other

Upon arrival at the main living space of the home, the form of the interior volume adjusts again, marked by a sloped ceiling of wood panels that echoes the silhouettes of the distant foothills. The living room, kitchen, and dining room share this dramatic space. Set against the backdrop of a desert oasis, minimally detailed cabinetry supports the tasks and leisures of daily life.

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